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3 Vibrant Trading Strategies


APY+4% ~ +27%

This strategy involves identifying stocks, commodities, and indices that are experiencing an upward or downward trend and trading accordingly. In this strategy, Trade AI would buy stocks that are performing well and sell stocks that are underperforming. This results in a market-neutral, steady performance approach with lower risk and a modest yield.


APYup to +77%

Rather than trying to beat the market. Trade AI will employ an index trading strategy to match the performance of a broad market index such as the S&P 500. This strategy is used by long-term investors who want to diversify their portfolio and minimize risk.


APYup to +406%

This strategy involves using machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and predict market trends. Trade AI will use advanced algorithms and statistical models to analyze market data and identify patterns that will be used to predict future price movements.


Starter Portfolio: $250 — $2K

Recommended for individuals who are new to investing.

Monthly subscription fee: $9
Plus Portfolio: $2K — $10K

Recommended for advanced individuals and professionals.

Monthly subscription fee: $25 (annual payment required)
Pro Portfolio range: $10K or more

Recommended for seasoned investors and corporations.

5% in

Annual deposit fee

Features of Trade AI

  • 1

    Speed and Efficiency

    Trade AI trading software processes large amounts of data in real-time and makes trades faster than humans can. This allows it to take advantage of short-term market movements and make profitable trades more quickly.

  • 2

    Lack of Emotions

    With Trade AI over 20 years of trading wisdom, it makes trades based on data and patterns rather than human emotions, which help to minimize emotional and cognitive biases in the trading process. This helps to avoid impulsive or irrational trades.

  • 3

    24/7 Trading

    Trade AI operates 24/7, which means it can make trades even when the human trader is not available. This helps to take advantage of any market movements that happen outside of regular trading hours.

  • 4


    Trade AI will make trades based on a set of rules and parameters, which means that it can be consistent in its approach to trading. This helps to minimize the impact of human error and improve the overall performance of the trading strategy.

  • 5

    Ability to analyze multiple data sets

    Trade AI analyzes multiple data sets from different sources such as social media, news articles, financial data, and more. This gives it a more comprehensive view of the market and helps it to make better-informed trades.

  • 6

    Concurrent take profit and stop loss

    Trade AI allows for the closing of a trade once the specified price is reached, or when the price drops to or below the defined value. Thus reducing potential risk or negative exposure to the market and maximizing profits.

Examples of Bot Calibration


For investors who tend to place eggs in multiple baskets, distributing funds equally towards various trading algorithms.

Fixed Income65%
Long Short25%
Long Only10%
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For investors who prioritize minimal risk and consistent profitability regardless of market conditions. The anchor in the waves of a raging sea.

Fixed Income95%
Long Short5%
Long Only0%
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For investors who thrive in an impulsive market and are willing to take on additional trading risk for increased yield opportunities.

Fixed Income0%
Long Short40%
Long Only60%
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